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About Us

At Bright Thinking Marketing, we know that marketing is about more than just numbers and analytics - it's about creativity and enthusiasm!


Our team are passionate marketing professionals with over 15 years of experience. We know every business is unique so, through a fun collaborative process, we will create a custom-made program to meet your objectives. 

We'll be an extension of your team, on hand day and night to field your queries and execute your plans. 


So, if you're looking for a reliable, enthusiastic, and creative marketing team that will take you to the next level, contact Bright Thinking Marketing today.


Meet The Team



Specialising in On-line Education and Training Courses. Website, Videography / Photography. Creative Design & Business Awards

Founding Partner



Specialist in Strategic Marketing, Campaign Planning, ROI & Review, Digital Advertising, Email Marketing, Event Management & Copywriting

Founding Partner

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Emily is the strategic architect of Bright Thinking Marketing, orchestrating our campaigns with masterful oversight as our Marketing Manager. With a flair for identifying market trends and a sharp instinct for customer engagement, she excels in crafting marketing strategies that resonate with audiences and yield tangible results. Emily's leadership is characterised by a proactive approach to innovation and a commitment to excellence, ensuring that every campaign not only reaches but also exceeds its objectives. Her ability to steer the marketing team with a blend of inspiration and insight has cemented her role as a pivotal figure in our company.

Marketing Manager

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Siobhan is the creative spark at the heart of Bright Thinking Marketing, known for her remarkable talent in bringing visual concepts to life with elegance and innovation. Her role as a graphic designer sees her crafting compelling visuals that speak volumes, ensuring that each design not only captures the eye but also encapsulates the strategic ambitions of the brand. With a keen eye for the marriage of contemporary and classic design elements, Siobhan's work is both cutting-edge and enduring. 

Graphic Designer

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Meet Sarah Bates, the creative eye behind the lens at Bright Thinking Marketing. With a passion for capturing moments that tell a story, Sarah is our dedicated photographer, her expertise in blending artistry with technical precision brings life to our corporate events, product shoots, and team portraits. Sarah's ability to create visually stunning and emotionally resonant images reflects her deep understanding of our brand's ethos. Beyond her camera, she's known for her vibrant personality and collaborative spirit, making every photo session an enjoyable experience.


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Ryan is the technical linchpin of Bright Thinking Marketing, where his expertise in web development, targeted advertising, and automation drives the technical prowess of our operations. His dedication to programming is not just a profession but a passion, and it shines through in the seamless functionality and innovative features of the digital platforms he develops. Ryan's knack for deciphering the most intricate of technical challenges ensures that our marketing strategies are not only creatively engaging but also technically superior. Outside the fast-paced world of tech support, Ryan is continually honing his skills and is a keen advocate for the power of technology to transform businesses and everyday life.

Technical Specialist 


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